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Online Marketing 101: What Every Business Owner Should Know

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Digital marketing is one of the ways that you can leverage tech in your business. It is an extremely powerful marketing tool that all industries have been adopting in recent years. With an effective digital marketing plan, businesses have seen concrete results which include a major boost in their brand awareness and overall sales. Hence if you’re not setting up your digital marketing strategy today, then you’re definitely missing out big-time.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is the promotion of a brand, products or services using the internet and electronic devices. Businesses can utilize different digital channels such as social media, search engines and email to easily advertise to a wider group of people. Digital marketing has been all the rage these days which is why every business owner is expected to know a thing or two about it.

The Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Every Business

The underlying reason why businesses are taking up their digital marketing planning to the next level is because of its tangible impact. With a good market strategy, here are some benefits of digital marketing that your business can get:

Building Brand Awareness

Digital marketing makes it easier for you to establish and grow your business online. It provides your brand a handful of opportunities to reach a wider market and be seen by potential customers. Fortunately, building brand awareness and setting up your online presence is as easy as pie in digital marketing, since there’s a digital marketing channel for any type of business. Keep in mind that aside from the logo design, style and other aesthetic needs of your business, thorough media planning is more important. Knowing when and how you can connect with your target audience will greatly help in driving traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and generate leads

Reach Your Target Audiences

With the huge number of internet users in the world, digital marketing allows you to reach the right people for your business. Several social media platforms and marketing tools enable you to do this by specifying your marketing campaigns and online advertisements based on the activities and demographic information of your audience. In creating your digital marketing campaigns, you can simply begin by creating a buyer persona and use it as a representation of your ideal consumer. This gives you the room to tailor your activities in order to meet the needs of your customers, instead of producing anything at all without hitting your objectives and goals. This is why digital marketing can be pretty straightforward in connecting you with your target audiences as opposed to traditional marketing.

Achieving Measurable Results in Real-Time

In digital marketing, you can effortlessly track the progress of your marketing efforts. There are different types of web analytics tools available that you can employ in collecting, measuring and analyzing your data. Aside from this, certain social media platforms provide you with insights on the performance of your online advertisements and marketing campaigns. This makes it easier for you to adjust or make necessary changes accordingly. Also, other useful information can be interpreted such as the demographic overview of your audience and your consumers behavior. Undoubtedly, the availability of these real-time measurable results are a game changer in marketing.

Cost-effective Marketing

The majority of digital marketing activities are carried out online, making it cost-effective. In most cases, you can actually start for free. For instance, anybody can create a social media page or a basic site with a simple website design at no cost. These free marketing platforms can help kick off your digital strategies. Meanwhile, display advertisements such as facebook advertising and google ads may cost you a little but you can easily adjust your payment and its duration according to your marketing budget. In the event that your paid ad is not doing well, you can quickly retarget them for quality traffic. Overall, digital advertising is more cost-effective compared to the previous marketing methods that sometimes require a huge upfront payment for print, labor, manpower and other necessary charges.

Increasing Conversion Rate

Since everyone can see your products and services online, it’s easier for them to take action and make a purchase with just a few clicks. Their activities on your site and purchases indicates that you are using the right digital marketing tactic to increase your conversion rate. Without a doubt, reaching your target audiences, gaining quality websites traffic and a high conversion ratio is easier with digital marketing. To assist in maximizing your online presence and increase your conversion ratio, you must practice conversion rate optimization. This will help you focus on enhancing your digital content and make the most of your website or social media profile to generate leads and multiply your revenue, over time.

These are just a few benefits to consider, but businesses that started with digital marketing can attest to its value. Online marketing is a valuable opportunity, which you can take advantage of if you want to grow your business overall.

Four Essential Digital Channels You Need To Know

The right digital marketing channel can do wonders for your business. It makes it possible for you to expand your promotion, develop customer relationships and be part of the buyer journey while generating sales at the same time. 

To save you some time, here are four digital channels you should consider for your business:

Social Media

At present, over three billion people around the world are on social media and 54% of them often use it to research products. Having the opportunity to promote your brand to this large pool of potential customers can exponentially raise brand awareness and increase the sales of your business. This simply makes social media a great marketing channel

The Two Most Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting a Social Media Platform for Your Business

To achieve optimal results in this type of digital marketing, there are two factors that you should take into account and these are the following:

Type of Business

Whether it is a B2B or B2C company, identifying the type of your business will help you study your market in more detail. Alongside this, you can take advantage of different marketing approaches best suited to your business.

Target Audiences

Connecting with the right people will generate leads for your business. When you analyze your target audiences, such as their demographic, it will be easier for you to decide what social media platform you should use to reach them.

In order to simplify the job, you can easily hire a social media marketer. Social media marketers know the how-to’s on optimizing your digital profiles, social networking and driving traffic to your website.  Also when necessary, they can assist you with setting up online advertisements like Facebook advertising.

Search Engines

Probably anyone who has access to the internet quickly turns to search engines whenever they need to know something. Google, being the most popular search engine, handles 89,016 queries per second – this includes searches on brands, products and services. In order to boost visibility in relevant searches and attract potential customers, you must land on the top page of the search engine results page (SERP). To achieve this, you need to learn how search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) works.

Search engine optimization or SEO, centers on improving the website’s ranking on a search engine results page by maximizing certain elements and creating digital content. SEO Specialists are the go-to experts in this field. They can handle SEO Strategies that helps in fully optimizing your website. One aspect of this strategy is publishing valuable content. Search engines take its time to crawl each page to look for fresh, relevant and updated content. It’s a good idea to work with a content marketer to ensure the quality of each content. A strong content marketing strategy combined with SEO tactics will achieve the best results. Search engine marketing or SEM on the other hand, is a paid search marketing that lets you be on the first page of a search engine results page as a paid ad. It works by bidding on relevant keywords that a user enters in their search query. These ads are sometimes called pay per click or ppc advertising and it comes in a variety of formats.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing work well together when it comes to driving traffic to your website. These digital strategies simplify the marketing tactic needed to rank in search engines.

Online Advertisements

Just like traditional advertisements in televisions and papers, online advertisements can be seen everyday on the internet. The two most common online advertisements today can be categorized as paid search and paid social.

Paid search, as mentioned earlier, works by bidding on terms and phrases that a user might enter in his search query. To ensure you are noticed by your target market, the keywords must be related to your business. On relevant searches, it causes text-based ads to be displayed on top of the search engine results page. Meanwhile, paid social ads are advertisements done and shown on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Online advertisements can be in various formats. It can be a banner ad that contains a simple graphic design or email ads. What makes online advertising so effective than the traditional advertising, are the key performance indicators or KPIs that are readily available. It allows you to make necessary changes to improve your marketing campaigns and manage the scope of your activities.


Video marketing is popular these days. It uses videos to advertise products, brands or services to increase engagement and brand awareness on different digital channels. Similar to content marketing, businesses can create informative yet entertaining content while promoting their brand through videos. Most internet users prefer to watch videos since it is easier to digest than reading. Just like other digital channels, the same thing applies to video marketing. It is important to understand your business to produce content without misrepresenting your brand. Also, it is crucial to analyze your target market to keep the engagement going high.

Choosing the right digital channel for your business can be a trial-and-error process. This gives you the opportunity to identify marketing strategies that work, and those that don’t.

The 4P’s of Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Mix)

Marketing mix usually refers to certain elements that businesses use as a guide in pursuing their marketing objectives. They integrate these components in their marketing plan to ensure the growth of their business. In digital marketing, these elements that are interrelated to each other, are also known as the 4P’s of digital marketing:


Unlike the good old days of traditional marketing, this component is not limited to physical items anymore. At present, this element includes the services or solutions that local and global businesses have to offer. It is important to provide valuable products to your potential customers to keep your business running in the long run. For this reason, the needs and demands of your target market should always be taken into consideration. 


Most of the time, the price is the key factor in the purchase decision of consumers. High prices can push buyers to purchase from other brands, while a cheap one may be deemed of lower quality. Since marketers often have difficulty balancing price and value, it’s crucial to inform the customers about everything they’re paying for. 


In digital marketing, the place or access to products has been redefined. It is now accessible almost anytime and anywhere. Depending on your marketing tactic, you can utilize offline or digital channels to sell your products and services. Whatever marketing approaches you use, just remember to provide good user experience on the buyer journey to avoid inconvenience.


Compared to traditional advertisement, promotions these days have taken new turns. Brands can now promote their goods and services through a simple blog post, an entertaining video or ppc advertising. Various marketing tools are readily available along with key performance indicators that help improve marketing campaigns to reach the right audience.

These four elements remain the same regardless of changes in marketing approaches. Marketing teams can utilize this digital marketing mix in setting up advertising campaigns for their businesses.

For all the reasons and benefits stated above, there is no surprise that digital marketing has become the best way to leverage businesses today – which concludes that digital marketing is indeed your route to go.

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